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What is a Doula?

A doula is a non-medical person who is dedicated to a woman/pregnant person while they are pregnant, during childbirth, and the period after childbirth. They provide physical and emotional support where needed. This support can also extend towards partners and family. One of the most valuable roles of a doula is their knowledge of all different types of births and birth settings. They can help parents navigate all the information they receive in appointments and help them to achieve the birth of their choice. A doula can also help parents advocate for their choices. The birth world can be very intimidating and having a doula help to protect and support your choices can be most helpful. Having a doula on your birthing team has been shown to improve the overall health of the mother/birther and their baby, shorten labour time, reduce the risk of a c-section, reduce mortality rates and lower the overall need for medical intervention or pain relief.

What and who is the Well Adjusted Doula?

My name is Kerry. I am a wife, mother of two, chiropractor and lover of the ocean.  I have been a Chiropractor now for over 15 years.  When I had my first born, I accidentally fell into the role treating pregnant woman and newborns.  It propelled me into over a decade of learning how I could help pregnant women and their babies.  One of my clients many years ago asked me to attend her birth so I could adjust her and help her achieve a drug free birth.  This was the first time I had been to a homebirth (other than my own) and it was incredible.  I had seen many births in hospitals and I couldn’t believe how different it was.  Looking back I can see this was my first role as a doula and birthkeeper.

After the birth of my daughter in 2020, during COVID, I got to experience a medicalised birth.  It was very different from my first homebirth.  I was mostly alone for my appointments (due to COVID policies) and my husband nearly missed the birth as he was only allowed to come join me after I was 4cm dilated.  I was coerced into a sweep and pessary induction.  To say the birth was traumatic was an understatement.  After spending a year talking through and healing from the trauma I decided I wanted to help prevent more mothers from experiencing the birth trauma I had experienced.  That was when the Well Adjusted Doula was born.

As well as all the benefits of a traditional birth keeper and doula you get a fully licenced and trained paediatric pregnancy chiropractor.  I have the ability to help prepare mothers physically to be moving optimally to birth their babies.  Chiropractic adjustments sessions have been shown to make sure the pregnant pelvis is moving optimally to both carry and birth a baby , and hence minimise complications such as sciatica, pelvic girdle pain, headaches, migraines, ligament pain etc.  The Well Adjusted Doula plans are tailor made to each person.  We are all wonderfully unique and no two plans are the same, however, all plans will involve thorough examinations and Chiropractic adjustments using the Webster Protocol and NeuroImpulse Protocol which are both uniquely designed for the pregnant body.


Book an online ZOOM/Whatsapp call:

This is a free no-obligation chat to learn more about each other. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions, discuss your expectations and wishes. I will outline what I can offer you and talk you through how I can best help you. We can discuss all things Doula and Chiropractic for pregnancy and birth. This initial consultation will help you decide if I am the right Doula for you.

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It’s FREE and you are under no obligation to proceed.

Book Me as your DOULA:

I offer all clients the ability to book me with or without Chiropractic care.

For ALL clients:

We will book two (2hr) sessions as early into your pregnancy as possible.
In these sessions we will:

  • Discover how and where you would like to birth your baby
  • Discuss all options available to you
  • Write your birth plan
  • Explore various pain management options, if desired
  • Help educate your birth partner on how to best support you
  • Answer any questions you may have


In ADDITION for clients wishing to have chiropractic care:

  • We will book in all your chiropractic adjustment sessions up to 40 weeks due date.
  • Sessions will be tailored to each pregnant person’s needs. These sessions may be weekly, biweekly or more frequent if there are issues
  • There is extra opportunity in these sessions to cover any topics or questions that arise in your pregnancy journey, as well as to debrief any appointments you have had with midwives or consultants


During birth

Singleton births: I will be available on call 24/7 from 10 days before your due date until your baby arrives.

If you are having twins/triplets: I will be available 24/7 from 6 weeks before your due date until your babies arrive.

When birth has begun and you feel you need me I will join you at your home or chosen birth facility. I can offer emotional and physical support during labour and birth – breathwork prompts, hydration, relaxation techniques, massage, aromatherapy, position suggestions, advocacy, communication with healthcare professionals, practical tips, comfort measure, holding your space, encouragement, and constant reminders that you are a birthing warrior!


Postnatal visit

After your birth we will book in a visit where I will come check in on you and see how you are all doing. This visit can be anytime after the birth. Most families will have it within the first week. However, it can be later if you wish to have more family alone time to bond.

At this visit we can talk about anything you wish. We can discuss how you felt your birth went. I can help with any new baby questions, help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. We can discuss how to help with your recovery, how to nourish yourself properly, how to feed baby, sleep routines, healthcare checks and vaccination schedules….almost anything!!

If you wish to have more postnatal checkups we can arrange this as well