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Hello! My name is Dr Kerry Labuschagne. Here at Celtic Family Chiropractic we welcome everyone from pregnant mums, newborn babies all the way to pensioners. We believe that chiropractic is not just meant to help us when we have a bad back or neck… but to help us reach our highest potential!

My first experience of chiropractic was when I was 14 years old. As an amateur swimmer my coach used to get a chiropractor to adjust us before we swam our races. I became fascinated as to why an adjustment of my spine would make me swim better. Years later I decided to study chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology. Since then I have enjoyed furthering my studies in various chiropractic techniques, particularly NeuroImpulse Protocol, which is a gentle technique initially developed for treating babies. I am also currently studying Functional Neurology with the Carrick Institute. On a personal note I became a mum in 2007 to a thriving son, Gray and in 2020 to a daughter, Hope. Both get regular adjustments and are as healthy as an ox! I love being active surfing, paddle-boarding, canoeing, swimming, participating in triathlons, hiking and going to the gym. I enjoy good food, and feeling healthy.

If you would like to learn more about how chiropractic can help you, please give us a call, I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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    Chiropractic Treatment can be effective on a variety of conditions and can help improve your general well being and quality of life.

    Below are some examples where chiroperactic treatment can be effective:

    • Head Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Sport Injuries
    • Pregnancy
    • Adjusting New Born babies
    • Migraine
    • Foot Pain
    • Knee pain
    • And Many More …

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    What our clients Say

    Kerry is a wonderful Chiropractor who managed to resolve a long standing issue with my neck which caused migraines.

    Athol Few

    Manchester, UK

    I have been treated by Kerry for around 5 years now. Kerry is always professional, knowledgeable and compassionate, her treatment has enabled me to continue to care for my disabled son. I would not hesitate to recommend her especially if you are a Ehlers Danlos sufferer.

    Nicola Raine

    Manchester, UK

    I’ve been treated by Kerry Labuschagne for 5 years, she is so passionate about chiropractic care, Kerry took her time investigating why my body wasn’t functioning the way it was supposed to and really cared about my emotional well-being. I can’t not recommend her enough she is amazing.

    Calista Williams


    Kerry was a brilliant Chiropractic. She explained what she was doing and why and it really did help me. I felt so much more balanced in body and soul after seeing her on a monthly basis. I wish she had set up closer to us as I miss her treatment as well as her lovely friendship. ?

    Wendy Rabin

    Manchester, UK

    Kerry is a wonderful person and an amazing, knowledgeable chiropractor. I highly recommend her to everyone. I have been treated by Kerry for the past 4 years after having severe neck pains and battling with stress and anxiety issues. Kerry really took the time to listen to me and was very understanding. After the first few sessions my neck pain that was keeping me awake at night, subsided and is no longer a problem. On one occasion I arrived for my appointment very upset and in the midst of having a panic attack, Kerry was very sympathetic, calmed me and gave me some accupuncture, which was amazing I felt so much better within minutes. I can honestly say that after 4 years of regular sessions I have never felt better. Both my husband (severe lower back pain) and mother (fibromyalgia) have also been treated by Kerry and both have major improvements.

    Lisa Hazelwood

    Manchester, UK

    I have received the best chiropractic treatments from Kerry and always feel amazing afterwards- she listens to your specific needs and gives you the advice and specific treatment that is necessary to make you feel and move so much better - I would highly recommend her!

    Fiona Cooney

    Manchester, UK

    Kerry is an Exceptional Chiropractor and a fountain of knowledge. She has treated me for over 7 years for various musculoskeletal issues. Can’t recommend her high enough.

    Cornelius Musonda

    Manchester, UK

    I have received Chiropractic treatment from Kerry for over 8 years. She is an incredibly caring, compassionate and knowledgeable Chiropractor. I would highly recommend her ?

    Fay Waiting

    Manchester, UK

    Kerry is absolutely fantastic, sorted my shoulder and back out, she is easy to talk to an always has a smile.

    Mark Saint

    Manchester, UK

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